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Dental Implants

What happens if a tooth fractures, becomes infected, and needs to be extracted?

An implant is now the standard of care for tooth replacement. It is a titanium screw that serves as a root substitute which becomes incorporated into the bone and sits below the gums. After sufficient healing time, a crown is fabricated on top of the implant fixture and is treated like a natural tooth. Dr. Lee will explain the various considerations at the consultation visit.


Cone beam CT scan

Most dental offices employ 2-dimensional images to make their evaluations. At Delaire Dental, we use a VATECH 3D Cone Beam unit to take a 3-dimentional image of your teeth and jawbone. This technology allows us to accurately determine your skeletal composition and the vital structures that need to be considered before a dental implant can be placed. Having a cone beam CT scan not only makes dental implant treatment safer and more predictable, it also results in lower fees and the convenience of avoiding medical imaging centers.

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